Modification of a Hose Swivel ENGLISH

If you have purchased Flyboard® Pro Series Standalone refs. FB04B03 / FB04B03L / FB04B04 or a Jet Pack by ZR® Standalone ref. JP01B03 (versions without connection kit, for connecting on an existing kit), it will be necessary to modify the existing hose swivel.

FB03A03 : Hose swivel sold with Flyboard® 2014 (Legend) and Hoverboard by ZR®

Flyboard® Pro Series (standalone) and Jet Pack by ZR (standalone) are supplied with a rubber O-ring (ref. FB04094), to replace the wear ring ref. FB02031. For this, remove the wear ring ref. FB02031 (which is lightly glued to the swivel) and roll the O-ring ref. FB04094 down in its place.

If you find the quick connexion between the Y pipe and the hose swivel stiff, you can also drill the index pin’s holes with a size 16 bit, which will facilitate the insertion of the index pin ref. FB04046.