Solving Vibration Problems ENGLISH

If the user feels vibrations whilst flying, it is not cavitation, but they affect the performance, comfort and may damage mechanical parts on Fly- board® and the PWC. If the vibration problem is solved, performance will be improved. 

In case of vibrations:

1st step: Remove the nozzle rings ref. FB04044


2nd step: If the problem continues, replace the wear ring of the u-pipe with the parts ref. FB03102 (see below)

Note: If you own the 2013 version of the u-pipe, simply use the short wear ring ref. FB02274 that was provided with your Flyboard®


3rd step: If the vibrations continue, slightly unscrew the screws ref. FB02012 half a turn by half a turn, until vibrations stop.

Important: there will be a loss of power caused by the water leakage, however it is negligleable in comparison to the power gained following these steps.

Warning: Parts ref. FB03102 may not have been supplied with you Flyboard® pro series. If so, please contact your distributor that will supply them for free.